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Ubuntu MATE 19.10 (DistroWatch.com News) ⋆ FGR* Blog

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 Latest News and Updates
2019-10-18 NEWDistribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 19.10
Martin Wimpress has announced the release of Ubuntu MATE 19.10. The new version provides nine months of support and addresses a number of minor desktop bugs. “Upstream MATE Desktop recently released 1.22.2. All the updates are present in Ubuntu MATE 19.10 plus I’ve cherry 🍒 picked a good deal of fixes from MATE Desktop development snapshots. In total, 67 additional patches have been applied to the MATE Desktop packages in Ubuntu MATE 19.10 to finesse this release prior to launch day 🚀 Included in those patches are fixes for locking the screen on resume from suspend, adding a Media Information extension to the file manager, performance improvements for the window manager and cycling external displays using Super + p. All this work has also been submitted to Debian. Since the final beta we worked on the following: Added experimental ZFS install option. Fixed rendering window controls on HiDPI displays. Fixed irregular icon sizes in MATE Control Center and made them render nicely on HiDPI displays. Fixed Caja extensions not loading.” In addition, Thunderbird has been replaced by Evolution as the default e-mail client and GNOME MPV has replaced VLC. Both of the replaced applications are still available in the distribution’s repositories. Further details can be found in the release announcement and in the release notes. Download: ubuntu-mate-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso (2,155MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
About Ubuntu MATE
Ubuntu MATE is a desktop Linux distribution which aims to bring the simplicity and elegance of the Ubuntu operating system through a classic, traditional desktop environment – the MATE desktop. MATE is the continuation of the GNOME 2 desktop environment which was used as Ubuntu’s default desktop until 10.10 (when it was replaced by Unity). The project began its life as an Ubuntu “remix”, but starting with version 15.04, it was formally accepted as an official member of the Ubuntu family of Linux distributions.
Recent Related News and Releases
2019-04-18 Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 19.04
Martin Wimpress has announced the launch of Ubuntu MATE 19.04 which ships with version 1.20 of the MATE desktop and updated video drivers. “Ubuntu MATE 19.04 is shipping with MATE Desktop 1.20. Albeit, the latest maintenance release of MATE Desktop 1.20 with some of the bug fixes and new features from MATE Desktop 1.22 included. In fact, the version of MATE Desktop being shipped in 19.04 is derived from the same MATE packages that will feature in the upcoming Debian 10 (Buster) release. You may be wondering why we’re not shipping MATE Desktop 1.22? The answer: stability. MATE Desktop 1.22 introduces some underlying API changes in core components and while all first party MATE Desktop applications are compatible with the changes and completely stable, some third party applications are not. Some third party applications are big crashers now and we’ve not been able to fix them in time. So, we are playing it safe and sticking with MATE Desktop 1.20 and working with upstreams so we can land MATE Desktop 1.22 early in the Ubuntu MATE 19.10 development cycle.” Further information can be found in the project’s release announcement and in the Ubuntu release notes. Download: ubuntu-mate-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1,988MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2018-10-18 Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 18.10
Martin Wimpress has announced the release of Ubuntu MATE 18.10. The new version ships with version 1.20.3 of the MATE desktop environment and will receive nine months of support. “Curiously, the work during this Ubuntu MATE 18.10 release has really been focused on what will become Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2. Let me explain. The upstream MATE Desktop team have been working on many bug fixes for MATE desktop 1.20.3, that has resulted in a lot of maintenance updates in the upstream releases of MATE desktop. The Debian packaging team for MATE Desktop, of which I am member, has been updating all the MATE packages to track these upstream bug fixes and new releases. Just about all MATE desktop packages and associated components, such as AppMenu and MATE Dock Applet have been updated. Now that all these fixes exist in the 18.10 release, we will start the process of SRU’ing (backporting) them to 18.04 so that they will feature in the Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 release due in February 2019. The fixes should start landing in Ubuntu MATE 18.04 very soon, well before the February deadline. Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 will include a hardware enablement stack (HWE) based on what is shipped in Ubuntu 18.10….” Additional information can be found in the distribution’s release announcement. Download: ubuntu-mate-18.10-desktop-amd64.iso (2,006MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2018-04-27 Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 18.04
Martin Wimpress has announced the release of Ubuntu MATE 18.04, the latest version of the popular Ubuntu variant featuring the MATE desktop environment. This new version comes with the new MATE 1.20.1: “The MATE Desktop has transitioned from the GTK+ 2.24-based MATE 1.12 to the very latest MATE 1.20.1 based on GTK+ 3.22. This migration has been several years in the making, and most of 2016 and 2017 was spent refining the GTK+ 3 implementation. The move to GTK+ 3 has made it possible to introduce many of the new features you’ll read about below. Support for libinput has been added and is now the default input handler for mouse and touchpad, which has resulted in much improved responsiveness and support for multi-finger touch gestures. Thanks to our friends at Hypra.fr, accessibility support (particularly for visually impaired users) has seen continued development and improvement. MATE Desktop is proud to provide visually impaired users the most accessible open-source desktop environment. MATE Desktop 1.20 supports HiDPI displays and if you have one then Ubuntu MATE will automatically enable pixel scaling, presenting you with a super crisp desktop and applications.” See the detailed release announcement for further information and screenshots. Download: ubuntu-mate-18.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1,909MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2017-10-19 Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 17.10
Martin Wimpress has announced the release of Ubuntu MATE 17.10. The new version features a number of desktop changes, including a global menu bar placed at the top of the screen. The 17.10 release also features an improved Heads-Up Display (HUD) which makes it possible to search through application menus using only the keyboard. “This is something we started during Ubuntu MATE 16.10 and never perfected, but is now ready for prime time. A favourite of Unity 7 users is the Heads-Up Display (HUD) which provides a way to search for and run menu-bar commands without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard. So if you’re trying to find that single filter in GIMP but can’t remember which filter category it fits into or if you can’t recall if preferences sits under File, Edit or Tools on your favourite browser, you can just search for it rather than hunting through the menus. Just like Global Menus the HUD is currently only available via the Contemporary, Cupertino and Mutiny [layouts].” Further information on this release, along with screen shots, can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download: ubuntu-mate-17.10-desktop-amd64.iso (1,706MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2017-07-28 Development Release: Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2
Dustin Krysak has announced the availability of a new alpha release of Ubuntu‘s community editions. The new development snapshot, 17.10 alpha 2, presents users with early previews for Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu Kylin. “This milestone features images for Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu Kylin. Pre-releases of the Artful Aardvark are not encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu flavour developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs as we work towards getting this release ready. Alpha 2 includes some software updates that are ready for wider testing, however, it is quite an early set of images, so you should expect some bugs.” Further information can be found in the release announcement. Download: lubuntu/artful-desktop-amd64.iso (1,078MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist), kubuntu/artful-desktop-amd64.iso (1,737MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist), ubuntu-mate/artful-desktop-amd64.iso (1,733MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist), ubuntu-budgie/artful-desktop-amd64.iso (1,698MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist), ubuntukylin/artful-desktop-amd64.iso (1,856MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2017-04-13 Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 17.04
Martin Wimpress has announced the launch of Ubuntu MATE 17.04. The new release, which features nine months of support, ships with MATE 1.18 as the default desktop environment. With this release, the distribution’s MATE desktop has completed the transition from using GTK+ 2 libraries to GTK+ 3. “This is our favourite release of Ubuntu MATE so far and, we believe, a real return to form. Ubuntu MATE 16.10 was a transitional release, in every sense, and 17.04 concludes the upheaval of migrating to GTK+ 3. We’ve put a great deal of effort into refining Ubuntu MATE 17.04 in the following ways: the MATE team did an amazing job releasing MATE 1.18.0 which completes the transition to GTK+ 3, fixes countless bugs and introduces some much-needed new features and modernisations; Daniel Foré from elementary contributed new icons which deliver style and panache; Ikey Doherty from Solus created Brisk menu in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE; Dave from Linux & Other Stuff contributed a new dark theme called Ambiant-MATE Dark….” Further information and a list of changes can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download: ubuntu-mate-17.04-desktop-amd64.iso (1,614MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2016-10-13 Distribution Release: Ubuntu MATE 16.10
Martin Wimpress has announced the launch of Ubuntu MATE 16.10. The new version of this official Ubuntu community edition offers a desktop environment and applications which have been ported to the GTK+ 3 toolkit, replacing GTK+ 2. “Ubuntu MATE 16.10 is, more or less, a re-working of Ubuntu MATE from scratch, not just to accommodate GTK+ 3 but to also make most of the packages shipped by default with Ubuntu MATE ‘Recommended’. This means most default applications can now be uninstalled without issue. The work to port MATE Desktop to GTK+ 3 has been ongoing for a couple of years and Ubuntu MATE is the first major distribution to ship a full GTK+ 3 implementation of the MATE Desktop. And the absolute latest release too, MATE Desktop 1.16! Firefox and LibreOffice are also GTK+ 3 only in Yakkety. This has been no small undertaking, we’ve changed toolkits twice this cycle. First from GTK+ 2.24.x to GTK+ 3.18, and then again to GTK+ 3.20. The themes required two significant upgrades during this process.” Additional information and a list of changes can be found in the project’s release announcement. Download: ubuntu-mate-16.10-desktop-amd64.iso (1,635MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
2016-08-26 Development Release: Ubuntu MATE 16.10 Beta 1
The upcoming release of Ubuntu 16.10 is getting closer as the developers deliver the first beta build. Five of the official Ubuntu sub-projects participate in the testing – Lubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu MATE is the first with the release announcement: “We are underwhelmed to announce, quite possibly, our most uninteresting beta release ever. This beta release is all about the plumbing that transitions Ubuntu MATE to GTK+ 3.20. It really isn’t very interesting from an end-users perspective. From this point forward we’ll be focusing on fixing as many issues as we can on the lead up to beta 2 and the final release of Ubuntu MATE 16.10.” Read also the announcement as published on an Ubuntu mailing list. Download links: lubuntu-16.10-beta1-desktop-amd64.iso (931MB, SHA256, torrent, signature, pkglist), ubuntu-gnome-16.10-beta1-desktop-amd64.iso (1,549MB, SHA256, torrent, signature, pkglist), ubuntukylin-16.10-beta1-desktop-amd64.iso (1,659MB, SHA256, torrent, signature, pkglist), ubuntu-mate-16.10-beta1-desktop-amd64.iso (1,702MB, SHA256, torrent, signature, pkglist), ubuntustudio-16.10-beta1-dvd-amd64.iso (2,853MB, SHA256, torrent, signature, pkglist).
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