Remind past visitors about you Exactly when they need you ⋆ FGR* Blog

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Remind past visitors about you Exactly when they need you ⋆ FGR* Blog

Hi everyone 👋

Thanks so much to @kevin for hunting us!

I’m Lorenzo, founder of, and as a marketer and startup guy, I discovered that:

❌90% of new visitors were leaving my website without taking action. So when I was spending $1,000 on marketing acquisition, $900 were lost. Forever.

❌Visitors who were really interested in my services, but for later, totally forgot to come back when it was eventually the right time. Why? Because last time they thought about me was weeks or months before.

❌Retargeting ads (that I love as a marketer) were working only on people who needed our service at the time they saw the ad. So, what about the others?

❌Bookmark users almost never think about the website they saved when it would be time to use it (I previously ran a Bookmark Manager startup).

So guess what?
✅I looked for a solution and decided to create Remindee 😃

➡️The first solution that reminds interested visitors to come back, exactly when they need you. Because, who better than your visitor knows when he will need you!

By the way, we have a little something for the PH community.
⭐️⭐️ Get a Premium plan For 1 year, FOR FREE! ⭐️⭐️
We give away 1 Yearly Premium Plan ($1,908 value) for EVERY 10 SIGN-UPS = 1 IN 10 CHANCE!

Oh, and for startups, we decided to offer our Premium plan for a quarter of the price the 1st year (see eligibility requirements on Pricing page).

Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear what you think!

— Lorenzo

PS: Remindee, like most webapps, is better on desktop than mobile. Our app is totally responsive and you can easily create and manage your account from your mobile. But I recommend to play with it on desktop (and our user guide is only displayed on desktop).

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Author: Kevin William David

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