Price leak suggests Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could cost much, much more than Note 9 ⋆ FGR* Blog

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Price leak suggests Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could cost much, much more than Note 9 ⋆ FGR* Blog

New generations of smartphones cost more, that’s just part of technological progress – but if you’re hoping the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a minor step up in price from the Galaxy Note 9, you might find yourself spitting out your drink in a few seconds.

According to distributors speaking to WinFuture, one model of the Galaxy Note 10 will cost €999 (roughly $1,125, £900, AU$1,600), which is a huge leap from the Galaxy Note 9’s launch price of $719 / £739 / AU$1,199.

Of course the rough conversion won’t be totally accurate, as the phone will launch at slightly different price points in different regions, but hypothetically if it was, you’d therefore be paying $406 / £161 / AU$401 extra for the newer model.

According to the leak, the €999 price tag is for a 256GB model, so at least you’re getting a lot of storage for your money. The leak also mentions a 512GB memory version of the phone exists, but for now we don’t know what other versions of Note 10 there will be, like if there will be a 128GB or 1TB storage option.

We’ve also heard the apparent starting price for the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, or Plus, which is supposedly €1,149 (roughly $1,300, $1,030, AU$1,850) so it’s set to be a large step up from the Note 10. We don’t know how much storage you get for this, though.

While this price tag seems like a huge leap up from the Galaxy Note 9, it’s actually not that much of a leap from the launch price of the Samsung Galaxy S10 at $899 / £799 / AU$1,349 for the smallest version, so it makes sense that Samsung is going for the slightly higher price point to differentiate them.

Now that Samsung Galaxy S10 deals have brought its price even lower, the Galaxy Note 10 likely won’t compete with the several-month-old device.

Leading the charge

We’ve also heard another rumor regarding the Galaxy Note 10+, as this latest leak refers to it as (although we’ve also heard it called the Note 10 Pro, or Plus). 

Coming from reputable leaker @UniverseIce, we’ve heard a lot about the charging capabilities of the ‘pro’ phone.

According to the leak, the handset will support a whopping 45W fast charge, as well as 20W wireless charge.

We were expecting the wireless charging, as the Galaxy S10 range has it, but 45W fast charge is a novel feature given how fast that is – the S10 range was impressively fast at charging with its 25W charge, so 45W should provide incredible charge speeds.

These figures are just for the Galaxy Note 10 Pro – or whatever it launches as – though, and we don’t know what the charging specs for the base handset will be. 

We’ll likely know soon though, as we’re expecting the Galaxy Note 10 to launch on August 7, so stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest smartphone news, reviews and analysis.

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