Hi everybody 👋, creator of Workspace here.

I’m Henrik, CTO & Co-founder of AI-driven prototype software Uizard. At Uizard we try actively to establish a great remote-first culture (and yep, we’re hiring) 🤓

I developed Workspace to increase the feeling of presence and connection between team members in our distributed teams 🌍

Workspace takes a photo of everybody at a regular interval throughout the day. Everybody can have it open whenever they want and most team members end up having it open passively in a tab throughout the majority of the work-day, which creates a “virtual office” and most importantly a feeling of being connected to your team ❤️

We’ve previously tried similar software, but unfortunately always found that they fell short one way or another 😞 Workspace is built with stability and performance in mind, being lightweight, which is essential for when we’re travelling (I’m on my way to Spain writing this), easy to access, and respecting it’s users privacy by making sure to erase images when new are captured and when the user ends their session 🎉

We’re always on a quest to make our remote culture better and we know others are as well, which is why I thought we ought to share Workspace with the world ✨

I’m looking much forward to any feedback or ideas you might have 🎉

Workspace feature highlights:

⚡️ Lightweight – built for the nomad lifestyle
📸 Live photos – increases feeling of connection
🌓 Dark+Light themes – for both the early birds and night owls
🚀 Easy to join – create a room by typing it in the url
😎 Respecting users – deletes images forever
🕹 Interval control – 1 min, 5 mins, or manual trigger? You decide!

Stay connected with your remote team – try Workspace 🎉

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Author: Henrik Haugbølle

Source link: Workspace – Stay connected with your remote team


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