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First off, thanks @bramk for hunting The Vegan Filter!
I’m Isabella, founder of Xarista, and tech girl behind The Vegan Filter. We help people find faster what they are looking for when shopping online. Here’s the problem we had, and a first cut of a solution we thought of.

When I go to a shopping site, it takes time and effort to find what I’m REALLY looking for. I set filters manually to narrow down the product range to my needs and wants. E.g. that I look for VEGAN products. I do this over and over again, on various sites – and hope that over time these sites get smarter. 😩
If I could say once that I look for VEGAN products – this would take a good amount of clicking and searching away. It’s a pretty consistent requirement and plays into a lot of what I buy (groceries, fashion, beauty,…).

Have ✅VEGAN filters set for me when I browse.
And that’s when The Vegan Filter was born. It sets vegan filters:
– Across sites – when the extension is switched on, it stays on
– In a transparent way – there is an on-screen note that The Vegan Filter is active on a site and when filters are set
– It works regardless of whether I’m logged in or logged out on the shopping site

It helps me to:
✅ Find vegan products faster
✅ Have confidence in new products I come across
✅ Cut out the noise of tempting other products 😀

It takes 3 clicks to be up and running. No signup required.

The Vegan Filter currently works on an initial set of UK shopping sites. We were keen to get this first version out for feedback as soon as possible, and build from there.

Thanks for your thoughts on The Vegan Filter! 🙏
Any questions, please ask.

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Author: Bram Kanstein (@bramk)

Source link: The Vegan Filter – Filter and find vegan products on major shopping sites ✅


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