Hey Makers 🔮

this 20th of July our design studio, illo, turns 7yo.
We decided to throw a big party in our hometown Turin, Italy around the theme of Predictions!
In order to celebrate with our internet friends as well, we created a custom made deck of Tarots, based on the topics of todays tech & creative worlds.

For example, you won’t find “The Death”, instead you will pick up “The Deadline”! There are 7 Sacred Roles (the Experiencer, aka the User, the Designer, the Keyframer, aka the Animator, the Patron, aka the Client, the Gatekeeper, aka the Account, the Artificial Intelligence, the Intern) and 7 Sacred Concepts (the Deadline, the Conspiracy, the Blockchain, the Update, the Gold, the Visibility, the Creation) that will predict your future with the help of a tarot-reader!

So, go have fun and share your prediction!
And if you’re perhaps traveling around Italy, hit us up for a party invite 🎉

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Author: Luca Gonnelli

Source link: Tarot-o-bot – Predict your future in design and tech 😅


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