Tag and add comments on files, emails and bookmarks.

Use Tabbles to tag any kind of file and use tags like virtual folders.

The auto-tagging rules enable you to have your files tagged automatically based on their name or content. You can add comments to files and tags and comments are searchable.

Using Tabbles you can categorize your files, folders, internet addresses and Outlook emails by placing them to one or more tags. You can find them by browsing the tags as if they were virtual folders

Tabbles is well integrated into the Microsoft Windows environment: categorization can be done using the usual explorer functions, such as copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts.

Tabbles Pro: full power for single user. No limitations, synchronize the user’s tagging on up to 3 PCs

Tabbles Corporate: same as Tabbles Pro, but it enables user to share their tagging at work (one license per user is required).

Source link: Tabbles Pro (50% discount)


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