These files contain configuration for producing EDR (endpoint detection and response) data in addition to standard system logs. These configurations enable the production of these data streams using F/OSS (free and / or open source tooling.) The F/OSS tools consist of Auditd for Linux; Sysmon for Windows and Xnumon for the Mac. Also included is a set of notes for configuring Suricata events and rules.
These data sets enumerate and / or generate the kinds of security relevant events that are required by threat hunting techniques and a wide variety of security analytics.
Tylium is part of the SpaceCake project for doing multi-platform intrusion detection, security analytics and threat hunting using open source tools for Linux and Windows in both cloud and conventional environments.


auditd.yaml – a set of auditd rules for generating file, network and process events via the auditd susbsystem for Linux – a matrix of Linux native operating system and web server logs

configuration.plist – a configuration for generating sysmon-like events using the xnumon project on the MacOS

Notes on event and rule setup for Suricata in cloud vs. terrestrial environments

Windows – a matrix of select Windows event log messages and their locations
sysmon-config-base.xml – a sysmon configuration file for generating file, network, registry, network, process and WMI events using Sysmon for Windows

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Source link: Primary Data Pipelines For Intrusion Detection, Security Analytics And Threat Hunting


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