A new version of Mumble Portable has been released. Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming. It’s packaged in PortableApps.com Format so it can easily integrate with the PortableApps.com Platform. And it’s open source and completely free.

Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the PortableApps.com Platform.


ScreenshotThe main focuses of the project of Mumble’s voice chat features include low latency, high audio quality, and staying backwards compatible as long as there is a considerable user-base with older versions. Mumble is customizable for different use-cases. The client features noise suppression, automatic level equalization, attenuation, priority speakers within channels, encryption, positional audio within supported games, and more. Learn more about Mumble…

Note that some advanced features of Mumble require admin rights. Mumble Portable will prompt for rights on launch. Most Mumble features will work just fine if admin rights are denied or unavailable.

PortableApps.com Installer / PortableApps.com Format

Mumble Portable is packaged in a PortableApps.com Installer so it will automatically detect an existing PortableApps.com installation when your drive is plugged in. It supports upgrades by installing right over an existing copy, preserving all settings. And it’s in PortableApps.com Format, so it automatically works with the PortableApps.com Platform including the Menu and Backup Utility.


Mumble Portable is available for immediate download from the Mumble Portable homepage. Get it today!

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