Hi Product Hunt!

I’ve loved learning about new products on Product Hunt. As a maker, I’ve also wanted to learn from the top product launches on PH. What do people on PH love, not just today, but for all time? And what are some of most-loved topics?

Leaderboard for Product Hunt ranks the top products of all time, allowing you to sort and filter on topics, launch dates, search, and more.

Did you know that…
– 🔥The top product of 2019 thus far is Gooroo (#56)
– 😱None of the top 35 products launched on Saturday or Sunday
– 🤔There are 255 Design Tools but only 43 Social Media or SEO Tools in the top 1000

There’s been a couple similar products launched before, namely 500 Products and Product Hunt Leaderboard. This leaderboard is different in that it has more data (top 1000) and allows filtering by topic, year, search query, day of week, and more. This enables you to get deeper answers, like above.

What did you learn with Leaderboard? What do you wish we would add?

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Author: Doug Safreno

Source link: Leaderboard for Product Hunt – Rank the top products of all time – by Pragli


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