Hello PH,

I’m Sasikanth, developer of this chrome extension. I’ve released this extension about an year back and I personally use it still. I’ve made couple of updates to the extension

1) Sync shortcuts between your devices

2) Auto suggest keywords while you are typing and

3) Rewrote extension using vue.js framework(simple code)

About Extension:

Type ‘go’ and a keyword into the address bar to open url.
Keyword Redirect:

Assign keywords to website urls and redirect to them without typing complete url.

### How to use it?

– just type ‘go’ and then your keyword in chrome search bar and you’ll be redirect to the url you’ve entered.

### How to add shortcuts?

Right click on “Keyword Redirect” Icon in right to address bar and then select options. There you can create shortcuts for your urls.

### Where can I use it?

– Add shortcut to favourite youtube playlists/channels you listen to daily
– Add shortcuts to your favourite author page from blogs/news sites
– Add shortcuts to that subreddit/facebook group/twitter profile you visit often
– Add shortcuts to all the slack groups you are part of
– Add shortcut to project documentation you’re working on


### Groups

What is a group?

For e.g., if you have lots of youtube playlists you want to create shortcuts for, instead of adding shortcuts like ‘yp1’, ‘yp2’, ‘yp3’, etc. You can create a group and add prefix to this group as ‘yp’ and you can create shortcuts with keywords ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, and attach them to your group.

### Code

code is open sourced in github: https://github.com/sasikanth513/…. Raise an issue for any feature requests or bugs.

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Author: Sasikanth

Source link: Keyword Redirect 2.0 – Shortcuts to your long urls


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