Hey Product Hunt!

A big thank you to @de for hunting Fast Poll!

Sooo a little about the project –

🤔Why I created it:
Working remotely in a team of 20+ I’ve recently wanted to post a question or an idea and get feedback from the team. I’ve found some sites that did just that but they was either missing some functionality, required signup or the general UX I wasn’t really a fan of. So I got started. 🚀

⏰How long did it take:
I was aiming at 30 days to launch the MVP it took me around 45 days in total to get to the current MVP this is outside of my 9-5 job working evenings and weekends.

👨‍💻Features worth mentioning:
Private or public polls – You have this option when creating a poll. Private is where it won’t be shown on the site and won’t be indexed by search engines (ideal for my use case where I just want feedback from a select group of people I share the url with). Public polls will be show in the public polls section of the site, the users profile and will be indexed by search engines.

Realtime voting – No need to refresh the page to see votes cast.

User profiles – Grab your username and have a home for all your polls like https://fast-poll.com/Jamie

Dashboard – A place for you to have an overview of your private and public polls.

🚀Future updates to come:
More control and visibility of your polls from an improved dashboard (I wanted to do this for launch but also wanted/needed to stick to an MVP initially).
Comments on polls so a user (if they wish) can explain their voting choice.
Possible team accounts to lock down polls to a single group of invited users.
Improved stats, showing busy polls, votes cast with possible weekly roundup emails.

If you have any questions please do ask I would love to answer them and any and all feedback would be much appreciated!

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Author: Dan Edwards

Source link: Fast Poll – Create instant, real-time polls for free


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