User-friendly and competitively priced, Acunetix leads the market in automatic web security testing technology. Its industry-leading crawler fully supports HTML5, JavaScript, and AJAX-heavy websites, enabling the auditing of complex, authenticated applications. Acunetix provides the only technology on the market that can automatically detect out-of-band vulnerabilities and is available both as an online and on-premises solution. Acunetix also includes integrated vulnerability management features to extend the enterprise’s ability to comprehensively manage, prioritize, and control vulnerability threats – ordered by business criticality.

Seamless OpenVAS integration now also available on Windows and Linux

London, UK – May 2019 – Acunetix, the pioneer in automated web
application security software, has announced that all versions of the Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner now support network security scanning.
Network security scans are possible thanks to the seamless integration
of Acunetix with the powerful OpenVAS security solution. Until now,
network security scanning functionality was available only in Acunetix

“No matter the size of your business, you use multiple
security measures to alleviate different types of risks. Your security
strategy must always include both web security scans and network
security scans. And it makes it so much easier and much more efficient
if you can do the two together using a single integrated tool,” said
Nicolas Sciberras, CTO.

There are many advantages of running network security scans in
Acunetix. Having a single integrated dashboard with both web and network
vulnerabilities gives the best possible risk visibility and saves a lot
of time and effort. Network scans may also benefit from other Acunetix
features, such as issue tracker integration and comprehensive reporting.

More Features in the Latest Build

OpenVAS integration is introduced as part of the latest Acunetix version 12 build (build 12.0.190515149). This new build also includes:
  • Support for IPv6
  • Improved usage of machine resources
  • Added support for Selenium scripts as import files
  • Multiple vulnerability checks for SAP
  • Unauthorized access detection for Redis and Memcached
  • Source code disclosure for Ruby and Python
The new build also includes a number of updates and fixes, all of
which are available for both Windows and Linux. More information can be
found here.
Get a demo of the product here.

Author: (Zion3R)

Source link: Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner Now With Network Security Scans


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